The first piece of art I can remember making was a crayon drawing of a ballerina dancing on stage. I was probably four years old. My next accomplishment came in second grade when I won first place in the Thanksgiving art show. In fifth grade my teacher begged me to let her have a picture I drew for a report. In high school I was the only student who spent two periods in the art room. When it came time for college I  chose Miami University in Ohio where the art classes were geared to teaching art. The art courses included drawing and painting as well as weaving, jewelry making, woodworking, pottery, and printing. I was able to achieve in each area. Because of this varied program I learned to express my ideas in many medias and was considered to be very creative. This is why I tend to use a lot of different media to express myself. During my young adult years I spent time raising my children. I taught at some recreational centers and had classes in my garage. As my children got older I worked at my art seriously. In the early 1980’s I showed at several local art shows in San Antonio, TX, and was represented at a gallery in Kerrville, TX. Then the other side of me won out and I spent time teaching pre-school and kindergarten. (Art teaching jobs were no longer easy to get.) Teaching the young grades, I could use my creativity. I initiated a special creative class for kindergarten and my creativity won me several local teaching grants. During my teaching time, I took art classes and made and sold some art. I developed a keen interest in art doll making. I had always loved dolls and sewing. I quit teaching after twelve years and made and sold my art dolls. I sold them in Grand Marais, MN; Holland, MI; Scottsdale, AZ; Dayton, OH; and Cincinnati, OH. During this time I helped start an art doll club that still exists in the Cincinnati/Newport area today. I worked on making art dolls until about 2000. Then I started to try some different things. I made some art quilts and won a viewers choice. When we moved to Michigan we began to live an artier life style. (I better explain that!) We bought a house that is more unique and added a studio in a third garage. It is a very comfortable little cabin where I do art and my husband writes. I also, have a wonderful support group of friends that like my art and encourage me. Some people come out  just to see our studio and my basement gallery. we make trips to AZ to be with family. While I have trouble taking all the supplies I want, it does force me to think out of the box. Also, I am exposed to a lot of art in AZ and on our trips back and forth. Phoenix and some of the other towns provide some unusual art supplies I would not get other places. I have wonderful art friends in Arizona, also. I make art quilts, dolls, art sculpture birds, tableaus that resemble New Mexican tin work,collages, and art books. In recent years I have shown at the Nuveen Galley in Whitehall, MI, and won best of show for a wool applique. A three-dimensional wool bird won a special award. Two of my collages were chosen to be in the Muskegon Art Museum Regional (all MI) Shows in 2013 and 2014. My art piece called "I Am Not Target" was in ArtPrize in 2014. ArtPrize is a unique, huge, international show in Grand Rapids, MI. Recently, I have been making wool aplique designs for pillows. These are sold as kits and patterns.They are available at The Old World Quilt Shoppe in  Cave Creek, AZ or on their web site. Even though I like to work in different media, my pieces usually have something to do with fiber. I have fondness for fabric, paper, ribbons, and trinkets. It is my intention to remain working seriously at my art. I hope to share with this web site and by having more work to share with others.